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the sun its here!

2009-01-03 14:39:09 by wakawako


The last release!!!


Review and vote plz!

After weeks of work....

2008-08-24 08:03:53 by wakawako

My new song Moon

Listen and vote plz!



2008-03-02 15:37:57 by wakawako

hello my friends!!!
h r u? im fine XD

do you make music?, are you working in something new?, do you want review?, do you need a free opinion?
just go to >>> PM and you will get al the review you need


my advance....

2008-01-12 19:51:55 by wakawako

have been a while since i write some shit here...
i have make like 7 songs, 2 of then have a rating about 4.00 and, and im advancing, i find more samples (but i need more), and some GOOD dj have add me to the msn, it awesome looking back my old song´s you can look my advance, so thanx to all the dj´s who help me especially, ki1z, and nav11...

on the way of a DJ

2007-11-12 21:06:26 by wakawako

here i am again... just passing tho say... hell yea!!! i think im advancing and experimenting whit the FL7...i will keep practicing whit this shit XD... coments or tips or other shit it aproved... HELL YEA!!!